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Mound View
Concept Sketch
La Tourette Monk Narative Study
Programmatic Deconstruction of La Tourette
Section  Reconstruction of La Tourette
Plan Reconstruction of La Tourette
1/32" = 1' Study Models




Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. 

Concept Design
40,000 ft²

This independent travel studio was taught by Marlon Blackwell. We spent a week traveling from Fayetteville, AK to Memphis TN to immerse ourselves in the areas natural and built environments. This included touring the works of Fay Jones and other regional architects / designers.

The Vertical Monastery serves as a new urban monastic prototype, transforming the traditional rustic and horizontal type of monastery into a new form characterized by an urban location and formal and organizational verticality. Sited on a unique stretch of the Mississippi River bluffs, the monastery design was profoundly motivated by the search for an architecture of use and beauty—deeply rooted to its place, constructed within a material culture, with an emotive atmosphere, and with poetic qualities that affect us deeply. The design of the new monastic monastery is based on community engagement and outreach in place of traditional monasticism’s desire for seclusion. This informed the spatial experiences throughout the monastery in relation to spatial edge, structural order, sequence, enclosure, lighting, and tactile engagements, with the religious space’s sculptural stereotomic forms and the community and cell space’s rationalized tectonic expression.

Structure & Program
De Soto Park Site Plan
3/32" = 1' Final Model
Hybrid Perspective
Floor Plans
Interior Church Perspective
East-West Section
North-South Section
South Elevation
East-West Elevation
Bridge View
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