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Rendered Elevation & Plan
Case Details
Full Scale Mock-Up
Case Work in Denver Art Museum Installation
Case Work in Denver Art Museum
Case Work in Denver Art Museum Detail Photograph
Case Work in Denver Art Museum Opening




Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

750 ft²

My primary contribution to this project was my assistance in the construction of the full scale mock-up of the entire exhibition and the design of the exhibition’s finishes. I first came onto the project helping in the shop with the construction of the cases, but transitioned into working on the frames and the transport/construction of the exhibition. The final construction also consisted of designing the model security system to prevent model theft. Once built at a nearby warehouse, the entire exhibit was conditioned by the museum curator and packed up/shipped for its first opening at the Denver Art Museum in Mid January.


Case Work offers an inside view into Allied Works Architecture’s unique approach to design, a process driven by a rich material and physical investigation. For Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works, each project begins with the creation of hand drawings and concept models.

The exhibition presents a series of custom-built cases, which open up to reveal a collection of artifacts inside, including models, drawings, material samples, and other studies that have provided conceptual inspiration. Curated by Dean Sobel, Director of the Clyfford Still Museum, the exhibition places the firm’s work in context, and explores how this singular collection of artifacts reveals the process of creation in architecture—the act of translating ideas into built form.

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