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Light Instrument 1 Perspective
Light Instrument 1 Module
Light Instrument 1 Detail
Light Instrument 1 Elevation
Light Instrument 2 Perspective
Light Instrument 2 Rendering
Light Instrument 2 Installation


SPRING 2013 


Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

150 ft²

Light Instruments was a project commissioned for the 2013 Cohen New Works Festival that aimed to redefine the way people experience everyday spaces through the manipulation of light. The driving concept behind the designs was to create a seamless union between the functionality and the emotive aspects of light. The systems captured and presented light to the viewer creating evocative spaces. Light Instruments consisted of two independent, modular systems on the University of Texas campus. One system was installed in the Payne Theatre Lobby and the other was intended for the McCombs UTC fly-over staircase, but was relocated to the UTSOA Materials Lab.

Light Instrument 2 Detail
Light Instrument 2 Material Detail
Light Instrument 2 Perspective 2
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