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Inhabitation Study From Street
BT Partners_Urban Strategies
North-South Section
East-West Section
The Programatic Relationship to the Wrapping Diagram
1/32"=1' Study Models
1/8"=1' Final Model


SPRING 2013 


Austin, Texas, U.S.A.
Concept Design

150,000 ft²

Designed along with an urban strategy that promotes a sustainable vision for the future of Austin, Crestview Station is the transportation hub of the sustainable urban development. Located at the intersection of Lamar and Airport Boulevard, Crestview Station is at the junction of a Rapid Bus, Gondola and Commuter Rail. The building is able to accomidate the complex circulation needs of the site while providing a healthy living density. The main building is able to provide residential living space, commercial workspace as well as a ground floor restaurant and grocery store. The building navigates the delicate balance between private and public spaces by creating zones of inhabitation, which filter commercial users from the residence. The site itself and overall positioning of the building had to respond to the public street front and the private backyard, which faces a neighborhood. The design uses the building masses and the location of green space to step the development down and provide a healthy living environment.

Final Plans
Inhabitation Study From Plaza
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