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East Elevation
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Material Investigation
Concept Diagram
Early Surface Proposals
Modular Concept
Elevation Study


2014 - 2015


Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

500 ft²

I co-led the design and fabrication of this research project, working under several  professors from the interior design department. I collaborated with acoustical engineering researchers and students from the initial space analysis through prototype testing to achieve optimal acoustic performance.  


This acoustical wall system was designed and fabricated for a collaborative space in The Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. The project integrates traditional concerns such as acoustics, indoor air quality, and program with other more ephemeral considerations such as atmosphere, ornamentation, and aesthetics. Wood veneer and wool felt were selected to maximize visual effect and acoustical performance while minimizing material impact.

Working with our team of acoustical engineering researchers and students from the Cockrell School of Engineering, it was determined that, to maximize the diffusion of sound, it is important to have a variety of convex and concave surfaces. The two main elements of the system are the concave tracks and the convex modules inserted into the tracks. Though both are fabricated from wood veneer, they leverage the material qualities of the veneer in very different ways.

Layers of textural richness are present in the natural variation of the wood grain and wool fibers, as well as a patterned perforation layer subtracted from the wood veneer modules. The perforations create a secondary level of acoustical performance, covering the surfaces in an abstracted wood grain pattern.

PUBLISHED IN: Presented at the 2015 Annual Interior Design Educators Council Conference (2015); American Society of Interior Designers Texas Chapter 2016 Legacy of Design Award;  and the International Journal of Interior Architecture 2016

Perferation and Module Tab Study
Module and Track Assembly Diagram
Full Scale Mock-UP
Detail View 1
Classroom Panoramic
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